Let’s Get Started

The world environment needs help. That’s where you come in. But individual activism alone will move things only so far. That’s where Reel Community Action comes in.

Reel Community Action produces and provides compelling films, as well as tried-and-true sustainability models and other essential tools and resources for multiplying your activist efforts. The result? Immediate, lasting, significant, and beneficial environmental change. The kind that can only come from a community united.

Real Films

Use our entertaining and award-winning environmental films to educate, galvanize, and spark your community into local action. That action may be guided by one or more of the sustainability models gathered on our site.

Real People

It’s all about you—local community action is the catalyst for global change. What’s important to you and your community? Use our resources—films, sustainability models, staff expertise, and more—to drive specific actions that meet those environmental challenges.

Real Change

This stuff works. The simple act of sharing a powerful film not only raises awareness; it encourages others to join together in effective sustainability projects. Successfully green your community and other communities will learn from the example you set. And so on.

Mission and Goals

Mission: “To empower local communities through compelling social and environmental films that inspire awareness, action, and positive change. Through storytelling and visual narratives, we aim to catalyze dialogue, foster empathy, and mobilize grassroots efforts towards a more sustainable and equitable future.”


  1. Raise Awareness: Create films that shed light on pressing social and environmental issues affecting local communities, ensuring that people are informed and engaged.
  2. Inspire Action: Motivate individuals within local communities to take meaningful action towards addressing these issues, whether through advocacy, activism, or personal lifestyle changes.
  3. Promote Empathy and Understanding: Foster empathy and understanding among community members by showcasing diverse perspectives and experiences related to social and environmental challenges.
  4. Amplify Voices: Provide a platform for marginalized voices within the community to be heard, enabling their stories and concerns to reach a wider audience and drive meaningful change.
  5. Build Partnerships: Collaborate with local organizations, activists, and community leaders to amplify impact, leverage resources, and foster a sense of collective ownership over social and environmental issues.
  6. Educate and Empower: Offer educational resources and workshops alongside film screenings to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to address local challenges effectively.
  7. Measure Impact: Continuously evaluate the impact of our films and outreach efforts on local communities, tracking changes in awareness, attitudes, and behaviors related to social and environmental issues.
  8. Catalyze Dialogue: Facilitate constructive dialogue and collaboration among community members, stakeholders, and policymakers to develop sustainable solutions and address root causes of social and environmental problems.
  9. Celebrate Successes: Highlight and celebrate successes and progress made within local communities towards achieving social and environmental goals, providing inspiration and motivation for continued action.
  10. Promote Sustainable Filmmaking Practices: Lead by example by adopting sustainable filmmaking practices, minimizing environmental impact throughout the production process, and advocating for industry-wide change.