REEL COMMUNITY ACTION is striving to benefit from the collective wisdom of the many extraordinary leaders in the environmental movement as well as media and information professionals and has brought them together to serve as advisors and guides. REEL COMMUNITY ACTION has two advisory boards.

Advisory Board

Judy Bonds: Goldman Prize Winner and Mountaintop Removal Activist
Adam Chapnick: Founder & President, DocWorkers; Film Distribution Specialist
Susan Conlon: Founder Princeton Environmental Film Festival – Librarian, Princeton Public Library; Member, PBS P.O.V. Advisory Board
Gloria Flora: Nationally recognized Forest Activist and Founder of Sustainable Solutions
Mary Frank: Executive Director, Universal Green (Distribution)
Anne Goeke: Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute
Deborah Koons Garcia: Producer/Activist/Filmmaker
Mia MacDonald: Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute Scholar
Joanna Macy: Deep Ecologist, Buddhist and Renown Lecturer
Paul Sheldon: Natural Capitalism Solutions; former Deputy to the Director, TreePeople, Eco-Consulting Lead
Ron Schneider: CFO,; Former Manager, Beatles & Rolling Stones
Todd Stevens: Founder,; CEO, On-Line Books; Former Executive Producer, ‘Friends’