In the picturesque Valley of the Moon, a group of passionate volunteers and non-profit organizations has been waging a seven-year battle against a colossal development project poised to engulf the historic wine country village of Eldridge. The proposed development, is situated at the pinch point of a critical wildlife corridor, threatens to escalate traffic on narrow rural roads by an alarming 40% to 70%. The valley, already scarred by a history of devastating wildfires, faces a potential catastrophe fire reminiscent of the 2017 Nunn’s and Tubb’s Fires.

This documentary unfolds a dramatic narrative, exposing the collusion between state mandates and profit-driven developers, driven by greed and an insatiable quest for maximum profits. The planned luxury hotel and 1000 homes, with a mere 12% designated as “affordable,” signify an impending urban sprawl that could spell disaster for the region.