Brad Pitt is making it right!

I am not dazzled by Brad Pitt, never have been – just didn’t get that he was one of the sexiest men alive or anything like that. But now I am dazzled! Brad has spearheaded a project to restore the lower 9th quarter of New Orleans with the greenest houses in the US. In 2007, frustrated by the slow pace of rebuilding in the Lower Ninth, Brad Pitt set up a foundation called Make It Right; the foundation then commissioned 13 architecture firms to design affordable, green houses. The organization plans to build 150 homes, all for returning Lower Ninth residents. So far, just 15 of them are occupied, but those 15 make a big impression.

The houses are dreamy, energy efficient – from another world of design and beauty – it makes you believe in fairytales to see this once devastated region of New Orleans restored to a mythical solar haven of bliss. The gardens, the smiling people, the community rising…

Enjoy the video Brad made – it will make your heart sing out loud!

Shakespeare said, “alls well that ends well…” no better happy ending or beginning then this.

Go Brad Go!


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